HARARE – Bariade Investments {Pvt} Ltd, locked in a legal tussle for a Harare mansion with Tendai Mashamhanda, is considering police intervention in its bid to evict the businessman who still clings to the home despite a recent court verdict ordering him to vacate the property.

Last week, the High Court sheriff attempted to evict Mashamhanda from the US$1, 5 million mansion, but failed amid reports that he planted bouncers to block thwart the home seizure.

Mashamhanda however states that he is not aware of what happened because he was not at home.

The company has since written to the office of the sheriff suggesting the inclusion of the Zimbabwe Republic Police in executing the eviction.

“We understand your officials attempted to evict Mr Mashamhanda on the 28th of March 2024 but were deliberately and criminally obstructed by a group of bouncers and thugs he had hired.

“Given that development, we direct you to enlist the services of the Zimbabwe Republic Police to evict him as a matter of urgency.

“We also request you to open a criminal complaint against Mr Mashamhanda for unlawfully obstructing the eviction,” wrote the company in a letter directed to Gamuchirai Sirwadi and dated April 2, 2024.

Mashamhanda insists the sheriff has no authority to throw him out of the property claiming the legal matter involving his eviction was still pending before the courts.

Bariade Investments however claims Mashamhanda’s actions are a sign he has usurped the powers of the judiciary in whose contempt he was now acting.

“As matters stand, it does look like the entire judicial system has, in accommodation to his drivel, been cowered by his sharp tongue.

“The unfortunate message that continues to go out is that he has been right all along.

“He most certainly cannot be allowed to profit from his unwholesome conduct and your failure to take decisive action against him suborns his conduct,” said the company.

Last month, Mashamhanda requested for more time to remain inside the premise claiming he was yet to secure alternative accommodation for his young family.

The son to prominent business mogul Alex Mashamhanda of Mashwede Holdings also averred his impending eviction was against the country’s constitution.

This was after a High Court ruling in December last year ordering his eviction.

The court ruled he acquired the expensive property via fraudulent processes.

Mashamhanda bought the Highlands property for US$230,000 from Harare lawyer Pihwai Chiutsi.

The house was unduly sold to him while it was under judicial attachment sometime in September 2017.

Bariade Investments subsequently purchased the property at a valid Sheriff’s sale in circumstances where it had already obtained defective title.

Mashamhanda obtained tainted title to the property on 5 May 2022 and has been in occupation of the property from 2020.

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