THE Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) European Union (EU) assembly has mapped locations of some 179 Zimbabweans in urgent need of evacuation from Ukraine after Russia’s invasion.

Already four Zimbabweans have arrived at the assembly’s centre for immediate evacuation.

Wilson Mtetwa, the CCC EU assembly chairperson, blasted government for its delayed reaction amid allegations they were prioritising those with political connections.

“The assembly notes with concern that the Zimbabwean government has only assisted a few connected individuals to leave the conflict zone and has left the majority of its citizens stranded and left to fend for themselves,” Mtetwa said.

“The CCC EU calls on the government to go a step further and evacuate all Zimbabweans from the conflict zone until calm is restored. We have managed to locate and additionally coordinate the Zimbabweans living in Ukraine to remain in one place for their safety and harmony taking in high regard the emotional and mental distress they are possibly under.”

“We are coordinating and in constant communication on how best to find transport to evacuate them to Poland following the statement by Zimbabwean Ambassador to Ukraine that the possibilities of assistance is only limited to their location.”

“If the Zimbabweans living in Ukraine manage to find their way to Poland evacuation measures to Zimbabwe will be initiated by the current government of Zimbabwe.”

He revealed that the assembly has also reached out to other CCC assemblies in countries such as UK, North America, Australia, Middle East and South Africa for assistance.

Government spokesperson Nick Mangwana Thursday told they were making frantic efforts to evacuate Zimbabweans with those affected urged to contact the Zimbabwean embassy in Germany.

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