Emerson Mnangagwa

ZANU PF has sensationally claimed that Nelson Chamisa’s Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) supporters were plotting to stage-manage violence while wearing Zanu PF regalia at the opposition party’s campaign rally in Bulawayo today to discredit the ruling party.

The ruling party’s Bulawayo provincial youth chairperson Freedom Murechu told Southern Eye that the alleged plot was part of the opposition party’s smear campaign against Zanu PF.

Chamisa is expected to address a campaign rally at White City Stadium today to drum up support for the party’s candidates ahead of the March 26 by-elections.

“We have gathered intelligence that CCC has acquired Zanu PF regalia and it is planning to cause violence here in Bulawayo using our regalia. We are aware of all their plans and our leaders have advised us to remain peaceful. We will not mingle in their thing, but we will be doing our own programmes,” Murechu said on the sidelines of a Zanu PF rally addressed by Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga at Silwane grounds in Pumula.

His remarks came in the wake of last weekend’s skirmishes at a CCC rally in Mbizo, Kwekwe, where suspected Zanu PF members fatally stabbed an opposition activist and injured several others.

“But let me warn them that we are the vanguards of the revolution. We will not fold our hands and watch them attack us. We will defend the revolution and ourselves,” Murechu added.

However, CCC Bulawayo provincial spokesperson Swithern Chirowodza dismissed the allegations and urged party supporters to attend the rally in their numbers saying their security was

“We have always done our best [on security],” Chirowodza.

“Remember a few years ago, there was a man who was removed from the stadium for sabotage. The man wore military fatigue under his clothes. We also intercepted four men who tried to burn a bus outside White City Stadium on September 2, 2017. This speaks to the vigilance of our security, hence people will be very safe.”

Meanwhile, Chiwenga yesterday also led a clean-up campaign in the city, where he urged the youth to play an active role in protecting their environment.

“It is our expectations that the youths will also actively participate in recycling activities for environmental restoration and income generation. I, therefore, call upon local authorities, non-governmental organisations and development partners to assist youths that approach them with a view to engage in recycling activities,” he said.

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