VILLAGERS from Govera in Binga are risking crocodile and hippopotamus attacks fetching water from Lake Kariba five kilometres away after their taps went dry over a month ago.

Binga is located within the Lake Kariba catchment area, but residents experience perennial water challenges.

“We have to wake up as early as 4am to go to the lake to fetch water,” a resident told Southern Eye.

“The situation is dire,” Mutale said.

Zimbabwe National Water Authority spokesperson Marjorie Munyonga said Binga water problems were being caused by power outages.

“This has made it difficult for us to pump water. We constantly engage Zesa to have the problem attended to.”


Munyonga said Binga Rural District Council owed Zinwa more than $3 million in unpaid water bills.

Residents also owe Binga Rural District Council $1,6 million in unpaid water

In a meeting between council and residents last week, it was agreed that out of the outstanding $1,6 million that the residents owed, they should pay at least $250 000 for the problem to be fixed.

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