BULAWAYO City Council  says it requires US$290 000 to install smart pressure-reducing valves (PRVs) to address pipe burst challenges.


This was revealed yesterday by ward 17 councillor Sikhululekile Moyo who said if installed, the PRVs would prevent non-revenue water losses. Pipe bursts have resulted in Bulawayo losing a lot of revenue through water leakages.

Sikhululekile Moyo

“The project is budgeted at about US$290 000 and that is what we need for its completion,” Moyo said.


He said they had so far secured PRVs for 15 areas in the city.


“15 PRVs were procured under Africa Development Bank (AFDB) and installed.


“Most will be activated once the project is handed over.


“So far the contractor is on the ground to finalise the non-revenue water study report that talks to these gadgets as well.


“The city has 56 district metered areas with more being created to manage pressure and water distribution. So far 15 areas have been covered.”


She said completion of the project would depend on funding, which is mainly foreign currency since the valves are imported.


Last year, city engineer Sikhumbuzo Ncube said they had already installed some PRVs but were still programming them, and observing how best they could set the right pressure to improve water demand management.


Ncube said the vision was to install them in all the district metered areas, adding that the system should automatically set and reprogramme itself so that water demand management is realised.


He said there was a case study being carried out on one of the district meters where success was being realised in Gwabalanda

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