The Zion Christian Church Kumuka Kwavakafa Nhaudzashe (ZCCKK) bishop’s nephew is threatening to disrupt the church’s convention set for August if he is not compensated three beasts as agreed by the family.

In an audio conversation, Lesly Mugaviri, has warned bishop Lyphet Matenda Mugaviri to sort out his mess before the August church function or else he will cause havoc.

The bishop stands accused of proposing to Lesly’s wife and then sending her some nudes.

The bishop is defenceless and Lesly is angry citing that the issue was discussed in his absence where the bishop was ordered to pay three beasts, which have not been delivered to date.

However, H-Metro is in possession of some audios in which Lesly is expressing his anger.

“Munozomira pamberi pedu sei if this issue is not solved well?

“If the church is yours, go ahead and moita zvekunwisa vanhu chirairo and we will see the end.

“Have you failed to engage me over this issue, why are you treating me like an enemy?

“You understand the culture, is this how you deal with these issues or makuda kunditester temperature?

“This is a family church, if you are blaming me like this, hazvipere mushe. How can I respect you when you are treating this issue like this?

“Nothing has been done on what was agreed, saka tiri kuitei?

“I respect you, that’s why I talk to you with respect. Kana church iri yenyu, moichinja zita yoita yenyu.”

He added: “Handina kukutumai kuti nyengai mukadzi wangu. Musatiza nyaya iri paground, kana pakaresveka totaura sezvazviri.

“I have never fought you any day, imi ndimi makandirwisa, kunditorera mukadzi wangu. Solve this issue properly. “Go ahead and do what you are doing, pray for people but chirairo chemuna August hamuchinwe kana ndiri mupenyu.

“If this issue is not solved well, hazvipere mushe.”

His father replied: “I will go back to the people and we agree over this issue.

“I did not fight you, I apologised over my conduct. Let’s solve this issue before August. We have never discussed this with other people, let me engage Matonzi over this issue.

“Tikangopedza nyaya iyi naMatonzi, zvinenge zvatopera,” said his father.

Lesly also confronted the bishop.

“I respect the church, my father and you but if you fail to deal with this issue, I will cause havoc.

“We need kutanga tachenesa, if you see me silent, musafunge ndakapusa.

“Kusvika rinhi ndisingauye kumba. I will fail to respect my father, kwazvakuenda mumwe anonyura chete.

“Iyi ndiyo hondo yemarudzi, do things which are straight.

“People are asking me, if I was compensated? 

“If you saw it necessary to deal with the issue that way, it’s okay.

“Basa raMwari rinofanira kubatwa nevanhu vakachena. Start afresh because I was not there when you deliberated on that.”

The bishop apologised.

“I apologised to you. Pakuchenesa apa set for August, chita tichigamuchire zvakanaka.

“I didn’t know, you were supposed to be there. Like someone who is convening the issue, pakapotseka.” — HMetro

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