Douglas Mwonzora

MDC Alliance leader Douglas Mwonzora yesterday said a government of national unity (GNU) between his party and Zanu PF was imminent.

Addressing over 2 000 party supporters at the Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfield, who were bussed from around the country, Mwonzora said the GNU “was definite”.

“We are committed to national dialogue because it is in the best interest of the Zimbabwean people,” Mwonzora said.


“At Lancaster House, there was dialogue and it brought independence.  After Gukurahundi, there was dialogue and there was a Unity Accord. After the bloody election in 2008, there was dialogue and a global political agreement together with the government of national unity, which changed the lives of the people of Zimbabwe for the better.

“Then, we hereby declare that whether other people like it or not — whether they bad mouth it or not, there shall be dialogue. This dialogue shall be in the best interest of the people of Zimbabwe. No amount of hate language, propaganda, names that you give to me will change the idea whose hour has come. This is the hour of dialogue.  The enemies of democracy can howl and growl, but we are going to have dialogue to end poverty, unemployment, international isolation of our country, to achieve health for all and to make sure that there are labour rights,” he said.

Currently, Mwonzora’s party is bidding to stop the March 26 by-elections, saying the proclamation of the polls by President Emmerson Mnangagwa was not procedural.

The seats fell vacant through recalls, deaths or diplomatic postings.

Mwonzora, who critics say is a Zanu PF appendage, has been pushing for dialogue with the ruling party.

Yesterday, he said he had no ambitions to become a president or prime minister in the GNU.

“We have seen enough squabbles, violence and spilling of blood and as MDC, we are saying we do not want politics of hatred, it is of no help. We want tactical politics, of rational disputation, peaceful disputation. We want dialogue, not that one becomes a president or a prime minister. We want dialogue to improve the livelihoods of the people. Some will challenge, but it can’t be stopped. It is like cyclone rainwater, it falls all day.  That is how I fight,” Mwonzora said.

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