Music producer Euphonik, real name Themba Nkosi

Local music producer Euphonik, real name Themba Nkosi, has won his court battle against musician, poet, and human rights activist Ntsiki Mazwai at the Johannesburg High Court.

In recent court proceedings, Judge Fisher ordered Mazwai to pay damages with costs to Euphonik for making defamatory comments on social media about him.

The original tweet urged certain DJs to not perform with Euphonik to “show every survivor of gender-based violence” (GBV) their “respect and support”. The tweet included the hashtag #muteeuphonik.

Mazwai also posted: “If you wanna see the other rapists watch who is rallying behind other rapist. When DJs put each other on line-ups its like an invitation to rape the groupies party ”.

In March 2021 she tweeted: “There is now an event on Sunday with a known rapist and a known domestic abuser on the line-up.

And you will rally and clap hands like a bunch of monkeys who can’t tell right from wrong. A gig with predators and violent men in the line-up. Nice.”

“The respondent is no stranger to this type of litigation.

She has already been restrained from making similar public statements which pertain to another DJ,” said Fisher — making reference to the case she lost to DJ Fresh.

He said the platforms for social activism in the realm of GBV must not be abused.

“The irresponsible use of such platforms inures to the detriment of this important movement for change and does not assist.

In the circumstances, the respondent is directed to pay the costs of the application on the scale as between attorney and client,” Fisher said.

On receiving the judgment, Mazwai took to Twitter where she wrote: “I finished paying the one DJ’s R200 000 this weeknow the other DJ I am starting to party because I deserve it”.

A few days later she wrote: “Guys I do not have to comment on the judgment.

I can comply and move on with my life  and please accept that many people actually love and support me always.

It is  not my doing IOL       

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