SOME selected visual artists are flying the country’s flag high at the on-going Madzimbahwe exhibition at Akka Gallery in Dubai.

The National Galleries of Zimbabwe executive director and curator told NewsDay Life &Style that the exhibition Madzimbahwe which connotes house of stones is focused on visualising the ways of seeing, ways of doing and ways of being in a group exhibition.

“It was through the office of the President’s call for the visibility of Zimbabwean art during this International Expo that we have responded to an invitation by commissioner general ambassador Mary Mubi for the National Gallery of Zimbabwe to present visual arts at Akka Gallery Dubai,” he said.

“This is an opportunity for Zimbabwean artists to showcase the new narrative coming out of Zimbabwe, reaching out to new audiences and to fly the Zimbabwean flag high. This is our soft power and art is a tool that can reflect the stories of Zimbabwe.”

Chikukwa said artistic talent eases tensions created by past and present conflicts through its persuasive approaches.

“Artists have remained ambassadors of our country as they exhibit outside the Zimbabwean soil. Most of the artists on this show are young. Josiah Manzi is one of the surviving first generation of Zimbabwean sculptors,” he said.

Chikukwa said among the artistes representing the nation at the exhibition are Josiah Manzi, Doris Kampira, Danisile Ncube, Tusichile Kasito, Prudence Chimutuwah, Nothando Chiwanga and Isaac Choloka.

He said the Saturday exhibition was graced by commissioner general ambassador Mary Mubi, the Zimbabwean ambassador to UAE Lovemore Mazemo alongside Akka Gallery officials Chris and the Zimbabwean Expo Dubai Team as guests.

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