SUNGURA musician Gift Amuli appears to have been charmed by the positive response to his hip-hop single and plans to have more similar tracks on his forthcoming album titled Hurongerana.


Amuli ventured into the unfamiliar genre when he collaborated with hip-hop artistes Leefire and Tatman for a hip-hop song titled Musoro wegudo.


The Wamatuka hitmaker told NewsDay Life & Style that his forthcoming album will be spiced-up with some hip-hop songs, adding that he had always been a fan of hip-hop.


“I have decided to include a couple of hip-hop songs to spice up my yet to be released album Hurongerana. My target audience right now is both sungura fans and the youths because I’m delivering content that suits the young and old,” he said.


“Before featuring in Takutenga Nesvikiro, which was released last year in August, I was already a fan of hip-hop and I enjoyed it. Some of my fans appreciated the good vibe I gave alongside the two artistes on the track.”


Amuli said the album Hurongerana that was being produced by Master Flex features some local artistes and will have videos of other tracks.


“Fans should expect fireworks on my new album. The hip-hop tracks shall be centred on money and love affairs and I will be the one playing guitar on those tracks,” he said.


“Challenges that I am facing is that some of my sungura fans are always against me venturing into other genres as they only prefer to hear the same old sungura songs from Gift Amuli.”


Despite challenges faced in the music industry, Amuli said he will keep pushing and work hard for better results in this competitive industry.


Amuli started his musical journey with the Zig Zag band in the 80’s. Some of his albums include Wedangwe and By Ginya with hit tracks such as Wamatuka, Munozvigona Sei, Muporofita, Daka Renyu and Donhodzo among others.

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