RAPPER Desmond “Stunner” Chideme has taken a swipe at poor performers who go on to the stage without proper rehearsals.

He said unprepared artistes will sweat to impress.

His sentiments came after Plot Mhako posted something about artistes who were failing to deliver.

On his Facebook post, Plot said:

“Ndozonzi Plot anotaurisa, but zvimwe zvacho vamwe vaimbi vanojairira.

“I book and pay you to perform, the fans pay to watch you deliver a good show, then you come and poorly lip sync to your own song. “Apa mari dzinenge dzichidiwa dzacho dzinenge dziri refu.

“Put some respect to your craft, rehearse, create a show and deliver value.”

Stunner responded by saying promoters should choose wisely on the type of artistes they hire to perform.

“Dear promoter, it is you who praise these studio artistes that can’t perform for sh**t when there is no auto tune.

“(One hour) rakareba pastage kuti vadzokorodze zvinobuda paradio nema voice aye avenenge vapihwa nemushini.

“So, choose wisely how you mix up your line (good performer), Tik Tok artist, radio artist, seasoned musician and straight up clowns that made it by mistake, and pay these artists accordingly.

“One day vachangonoimba out of town kusingadiwe ma funnies vakarohwa nebhemba.

“It is not your fault Mr Promoter but take charge coz this is your event that you have paid, back track or lip sync,” said Stunner.

He added:

“Trust me, you have to ask coz pachatemwa ma speaker ndopamuchaona kuti Jesu idombo.

“I won’t lie, dancehall artists will sweat kunge vachaputika tsinga on stage and it’s these hip hop artists that go on stage thinking, it’s a modelling show.

“Hip hop artists, please start having rehearsal so you can be real kings off stage and on it coz mari irikushandiswa kuti muimbe yakawanda.”

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