MASVINGO poet Ngonidzashe Paradza says he is set to launch a talk show tittled Muberere meant to tackle some societal issues happening across the country’s rural areas and are not given a platform for scrutiny.

The talk show, which will be broadcast on Paradza’s YouTube and Facebook channels, is scheduled for launch next month.

Paradza told NewsDay Life & Style that Muberere was inspired by the desire to tell rural stories from where they are happening that might not be given attention by mainstream media.

“The Muberere talk show is meant to bring to light issues that are not being discussed or given a platform for scrutiny. The targeted issues will include, but are not limited to culture, religion, land boundary issues, chieftancy as well as inheritance of chieftancy,” he said.

Muberere means house walls, therefore, I will be going close to where it is happening and bringing it to the world. I will be visiting mostly the remote and rural areas to fetch the stories that hardly get attention.”

Paradza said he was positive that the show was going to have an impact in the society.

“The goal is to make people understand stories which are taking place around them. In society we have issues such as money rituals and confessions and as such, we want people to learn, understand and be informed about what is surrounding them before they read or watch what is happening in the global village,” he said.

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