Nyasha David Dengwani

Well-travelled Nyasha David Dengwani confidently walks the talk of his pet name “The Advocate of Love” in his miniature music videos which aptly capture the beauty of creativity.

Nyasha David shot to fame in 2015 when he clinched the 2nd runner up accolade in the Dreamstar Zimbabwe talent scouting programme. From there it was hit after hit, churning out hits such as Toasting (2016), Tiki Taka (2017), Isai Mawoko (2017), Hamumbomugona (2017) and Newe (Follow Me) (2018) which propelled him to international stardom.

His bestselling extended play (EP) The Advocate of Love (2019) was synonymous with him claiming his nickname “The Advocate of Love”.

Born on November 8, 1991, in a family of musicians, he inherited and mastered several from his father Godfrey Dengwani who was an acoustic performer in Libya and Mozambique, where he was training to be a pilot.

Nyasha David is a singer-songwriter specialising in contemporary and R&B music.

The Advocate of Love has featured on international stages and put up a memorable performance at Chengdu Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention China (September 2015), Chinese President Xi Jing Ping State Visit to Zimbabwe (December 2015), Dreamstar Zimbabwe Nanjing — Beijing Tour (November 2017), Dreamstar Zimbabwe Lanzhou China Tour (July 2018) and Unplugged Zimbabwe performance (December 2018), among plenty other events.

He said he appreciated that legendary urban grooves artiste and producer, Leonard Mapfumo mentored and managed him well to reach dizzy heights.

Nyasha David has such a tight schedule because of his musical performances and personal business.

NewsDay Life & Style understood him through his entertaining videos which are thought provoking.

Managing director of Jacaranda Culture Media Corporation (JCMC), the organisation which uplifted Dengwani through its head office China-Zimbabwe Exchange Centre (CZEC), Tinashe Kitchen admits that The Advocate of Love is a gifted and talented generational creative.

“His creativity and artistic delivery is truly special,” Kitchen confessed. “As JCMC we are so proud to be part of Nyasha’s journey. We look forward to seeing him reach even greater heights in the near future.

“Through intense listening we observed that on the song Nokusingaperi David conjures up a sublime till-death-do-us-part long marriage in which a newly-wed couple dreams of its personified images when it reaches old age.

On Cheka Pane Cream, it appears he advertises a friend’s cake business which makes it easier for the corporate world to appreciate the importance of embracing arts in business. Cheka Pane Cream simply implores one to help themselves to the tasty creamy part of the cake. The video shows the deep passion and aesthetics of romance.

The Allella video eases tension on the water shortages we now perennially experience through a satiric dance of some ghetto boys who arrange a “see me” time for a girl on her way to the borehole. Unfortunately, they lose the girl to a well presentable suitor who they confronted with fistfight dance moves.

One should take time to see Dengwani on stage and experience his breath-taking well-polished acts. — NewsDay

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