YouTube pulled down Zimdancehall star Jah Signal’s Sweetie video over a copyright violation claim made by gospel musician Charles Charamba.

The video which led to the Zimdancehall chanter’s rise to fame in 2018 had gained over six million views on YouTube.

The Stonyeni hit maker interpolated Charamba’s “Kana Vanhu Vangu”.

Dancehall star King Shaddy ft Macorokoza Choir also sampled Charamba’s Machira Chete song.

King Shaddy’s Machira Chete is a tale of two men who pick of women of some ill-repute, take them to their shack for paid services. Lo and behold, while they are sleeping, these girls clean them out leaving machira chete. For the uninitiated this means, well just the blankets.

It is a tale we have heard of a lot and the Dr Clarence video while generally sticking to the script in terms of production has it s funny bits and interesting cutaways.

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