Xtra Large

LOCAL urban grooves group, Extra-Large (made up of Jimmy Mangezi and Norman Manwere) has said this year it has lined up some international collaborations as it seeks to take its music to a wide audience across the borders.

Many artistes across genres appear to be realising the power of collaborations, that, besides giving audiences variety, they unite artistes.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Mangezi said upon realising that singles were not enough, they came up with a new strategy of international collaborations, adding that it would give their music a new feel.

“We have a few forthcoming international collaborations and productions with artistes from countries such as Burkina Faso and South Africa as we just try and give our sound that international feel,” Mangezi said.

“I thank modern technology and social media because producers such as Doctore Francois Lobou and Ndaayoba Llow from South Africa and Burkina Faso, respectively came across some of our songs and reached out for collaborations.”

“They were impressed by some of our productions such as Muti Wemusango and Murudo, a fusion of Afro-pop and Zimdancehall.”

Mangezi said the collaborations would not be limited to international artistes, adding that they were not moving from their original sound.

He said they were also working on an album and a few singles.

“This year we are planning on releasing an album since we realised the hunger that our fans have and singles will not be enough.

“A variety of singles compiled to an album will definitely reach a wider audience and hopefully a new group of fans altogether,” he said.

“We realised from the previous releases that a single would reach only a certain group of fans and since we are so versatile and not conforming to one particular sound, we then came up with the idea of mixing singles and an album.

“That way we are certain fans will have a wider range of choices.”

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