THE past is haunting newly-married rapper Holy Ten and his wife Kimberly Richards.

Several pictures of Kimberly, with different men, have surfaced on social media prompting some people to mock the marriage.

Holy and Kimberly

Holy Ten is believed to have paid US$15 000 as lobola for Kimberly in Bulawayo recently.

However, the couple is under siege on social media after Kimberly’s pictures, with different men, surfaced.

A video of Kimberly, seemingly having a good time with Holy 10’s rival, Voltz JT, was also posted on social media.

However, it has been argued that the video was shot as a promotional for Voltz JT’s song, Friends.

“After careful scrutiny, the video does not align with Voltz’s brand as he did not want controversy, and it was never released,” said a Twitter user.

Prior to paying lobola, Holy 10 was accused of impregnating a woman called Chelsea Hlomayi, with who he now has a four-month-old baby.

Chelsea claimed the rapper was refusing to take care of his child.

Different social media users have said the marriage will not last.

A Twitter user said:

“This alleged husband is excluded as the original husband to Kim.

“The probability of being the husband is 0.000%. MuchiShona tikuti Holy 10 haasi original murume wa Kimberly zvisina kupokana.”

While another, user @kudathatguy, said:

“If you’re in love, try to avoid matters that will touch your tomorrow.

“The foundation is already shaking.”

Another Twitter user, Mr Zim Fit @mr_zim_fit defended the newly-weds.

“Funny how everyone has been attacking Kimberly and Holy 10 and no one has even sent a message congratulating them on their marriage.

“I am ashamed that no one is supporting them and showing that true love will always prevail.

“Some people are just showing their true colours of real hate.”

Another Twitter user, @DyllanGonde, warned those attacking Holy Ten and Kimberly.

“You are all just talking about Holy 10’s relationship, some of you will experience something worse than this.” — HMetro

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