A 32-year-old woman is serving 50 years at Chikurubi Female Prison for raping other women.

She, however, claims she didn’t rape even one woman but was merely a witness when her male colleagues, who are criminals, committed these horrific acts.

The mother of three, only identified as Ruth, told H-Metro the collapse of her marriage left her vulnerable and she started associating with notorious criminals.

She didn’t want to reveal her surname since she claimed doing so would expose her family to scrutiny from the public.

The criminals, she claimed, who hooked her into various acts, including robberies and raping of women.

She disclosed this on Thursday, on the sidelines of a Peace Education programme, conducted by the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services, at Harare Central Prison Mess.

“I regret my decision to associate with notorious robbers, following the collapse of my marriage,” she said.

“I was emotionally affected by circumstances that led to the collapse of my marriage and decided to go and stay with one of my friends in Chitungwiza.

“We ended up in the arms of notorious robbers, for the love of money, and the robbers took us to various places, where they raped women and committed robberies.

“My involvement with these robbers, and my presence at the scenes where women were raped, was enough evidence before the courts of law for my conviction.

Handina wandakarepa asi kuwanikwa ndiri pavanhu vaiita izvi ndiko kwandisiya ndavakuchemberera mujeri.

“Mwari ngaandibatsire.

“It killed my inner person, left me with an unforgiving heart, devoid of hope.

“It is that inner trouble, emotions, which is being addressed by this peace education programme and I see it as a healing and beneficial exercise.

“I am being changed from within, there is light and peace of mind within me.”

Ruth’s notorious partner-in-crime was also arrested and is currently serving his sentence as well.

She has since served three years.

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