A woman from Sizinda suburb has dragged her husband’s girlfriend to court for insulting her and labelling her a witch.


Kundai Masvore said her husband has been cheating on her with Judith Saunyama since 2019.


Kundai said her husband would borrow money that he squandered on his lover and when they failed to pay it back, Judith would phone her to instruct her to pay the money owed.


Kundai further said she told them that she did not have money and that would not go down well with Judith as she would hurl insults at her and call her a witch. She said she tried to engage her husband to talk to his girlfriend but he would shout at her.


In her affidavit she said: “My name is Kundai Masvore. I am applying for a peace order against my husband’s girlfriend, Judith Saunyama.


My husband and his lover have a habit of borrowing money from their friends, when they fail to pay, Judith would phone me and shout at me while labelling me a witch. I pray that this court would grant me a peace order against her because she is tormenting me.”


Judith took to the stand and said: “I deny all the allegations. She is accusing me of being in love with her husband and that’s why she is blaming me for something that I don’t know.”


The presiding magistrate Ulukile Ndlovu granted Kundai a peace order which compels Judith not to phone Kundai or verbally attack her.

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