A Harare man is refusing to take care of his unborn child as he is arguing that he does not know the mother who he met at a bar and had unprotected sex with.

This emerged at the Harare civil court before magistrate Johanna Mukwesha where Rhoda Chihoko was seeking an order directing Emmanuel Makuwanza to take him as his wife.

Chihoko said the respondent was denying the pregnancy despite having been intimate with her from June to October of last year.

“I want him to take care of me. When I visit his workplace, he assaults and insults me,” she submitted.

Makuwanza denied having a relationship with her arguing that he only met her at a bar in June last year.

“I don’t even know her name,” Makuwaza said.

Makuwanza said he was the one who ought to be granted a protection order against Chihoko whom she accused of disturbing his peace.

 “I was only a client to her on the day, but she is now coming to my workplace with bags and demanding that I take her in as my wife,” he said.

Mukwesha dismissed Chihoko’s application. — Standard

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