A man from Harare has claimed that his life was nearly taken when he was abducted by armed individuals who threatened him due to his wife’s alleged infidelity. Rodwell Nhata made these serious allegations during a court hearing where his wife, Pretty Mviro, had taken legal action by seeking a protection order.

Nhata accused his wife of engaging in extramarital relationships, which reportedly started in September of the previous year and escalated to the point of their kidnapping. According to Nhata, the assailants who targeted him explicitly warned him to caution his wife against involvement with a married man, whose identity remains undisclosed.

In response to these accusations, Mviro vehemently denied her husband’s claims, asserting that Nhata was plagued by insecurity and exhibited stalking behaviour towards her. During the court proceedings, she recounted an incident on December 23 when Nhata allegedly physically assaulted her, accusing her of being bewitched and engaging in pr0stituti0n.

Subsequently, Magistrate Johanna Mukwesha granted Mviro’s application for a peace order, ordering Nhata to cease stalking his wife. — MyZimbabwe

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