A 22-year-old man who was working as a gardener in North End suburb has been arrested for fondling his boss’s six-year-old’s child’s breast and also touching her private parts while begging to have sex with her.

The man ran out of luck on Sunday when he was caught red- handed by a motorist at around 7pm fondling the tot’s breasts while he had planted his forefinger into her private parts, said a source close to investigations.

Upon seeing the alleged sex offender, the surprised motorist stopped his car and the man ran for his dear life leaving the minor at the scene.

The motorist asked the child about what was happening and she told him that she was sexually violated by the garden boy. The source said the motorist took the child to her parent’s home.

Her mother quizzed her and she revealed that their helper was fondling her breasts while touching her private part, said the source.

The minor went on to reveal that the man was in the habit of sexually violating her ,having started in early February this year to fondle her breasts and that he would ask to have sex with her but she would refuse , the source said.

Disturbed by the horrifying incident the mother of the tot rushed to Khumalo Police Station and reported the matter leading to the arrest of the gardener.

Bulawayo deputy police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele confirmed the incident. She applauded the mother of the child for quickly reporting the matter.

She said :“Most parents take too long to report such cases especially if such a crime is committed by someone who is close to the family but the mother of the six-year-old quickly reported the case which is very commendable. This will enable the child to receive medication and counselling at the appropriate time.”

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