AN Econet Zimbabwe sales consultant was today arraigned before Harare magistrate Yeukai Dzuda on two counts of fraud involving $4 million in airtime sales.

Tatenda Simende (29) was remanded in custody to tomorrow for fail ruling

It is alleged that during the course of his duties on June 25 last year the accused person processed receipt number JNCTS300000000009284-5 using proof of payment with transaction reference number CABS2406 with a face value of $1 000 000 which was transferred by SpellBound Electronics as payment to Econet.

On July 8, the accused used the same proof of payment with transaction reference number CABS2406 and attached it to his day-end report indicating that it was payment for receipt number JNCTS300000000009821-2 under the Econet cash account, when in actual fact he should have attached a swipe machine receipt or could have surrendered cash for the transaction.

It is alleged that using the fraudulent transaction, the accused bought physical recharge cards worth $1 000 000-00.

The total value defrauded to Econet is $1 000 000 and nothing was recovered.

It is further alleged that on July 21, the accused processed receipt number JNCT3000000000010355 using proof of payment with transaction reference number CAH309-2107ts.

He allegedly processed the receipt for physical Econet recharge cards valued at $2 999 715-00.

On July 30, the accused person used the same proof of payment made on July 21 and generated a receipt number JNCTS3000000000010511, which he fraudulently used to buy physical recharge cards valued at $2 999715-00.

It is alleged that on January 28, the complainant carried out a bank reconciliation exercise and discovered the offence.

He then made a report to the police and the total value defrauded was $2 999 715-00 and nothing was recovered.

The state alleges there are witnesses and documents to show the fraudulent transactions made by the accused.

Caroline Mutimusakwa appeared for the state.

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