GRAIG MAGENGEZHA, the celebrity hairdresser, keeps being sucked into murky forex deals.


The socialite made headlines last week for being the central figure in a forex deal, in which a construction company lost US$70 000.


Now, he has been fingered in another questionable transaction, a car deal in which a Harare woman lost US$21 000.


The case was reported at Harare Central Police Station under reference number CRB HRE2045/21.


It is alleged that the victim was instructed to give Magengezha money for two cars, which she wanted to buy in South Africa.


She never got any of the vehicles.


Magengezha has denied duping the victim, although the evidence in possession of this publication, clearly suggests otherwise.


The victim narrated how she was duped.


“On or about the 8th February 2021, I browsed several internet websites in search of motor vehicles,” she said.


“I was then contacted by a South Africa-based company called Cape Town Auctioneers on phone, via the WhatsApp platform.


“I expressed interest in two motor vehicles, a Toyota Prado and a Toyota GDC double cab.


“I was then phoned by an individual, who identified himself as Shawn Gomba, a Zimbabwean national, based in Cape Town, being an employee of the seller, whom I then continued communicating with through phone calls and WhatsApp.”


The victim said the prices of the two cars were in Rand but was told that she could pay in US dollars.


“The prices for the two motor vehicles were R126 875 and R131 875 respectively.


“For purposes of payment, I was instructed to make the payment to one Craig.


“When I called Craig, I realised that he was best friends with my sister’s son-in-law, and he also recognised me.


“I inquired from him if the seller was genuine and trustworthy and Craig informed me that the seller was a well-established company in South Africa, with a clean record.”


She claims Craig assured her he was the firm’s agent in Harare.


“He also stated that he was the seller’s trusted agent, for their sales in Zimbabwe,” she said.


“He went on to assure me that there was no reason to worry as he had done several transactions with them before, with the purchasers receiving their vehicles, without any challenges.


“He asked me to forward the quotation for the motor vehicles to him on WhatsApp.


“I was convinced and I believed that the sale was genuine and everything was in order.”


The victim said she found no reason to be suspicious as Craig was someone she knew.


“I went on to send the motor vehicles quotations to Craig on his WhatsApp.


“When I advised him that I had United States dollars, and not South African Rands, he advised that I didn’t need to convert the currency into Rand, as we could agree on an exchange rate.


“As such, on the 9th of February 2021, Craig sent me proof of transfer and proceeded to my house to collect the cash in United States Dollars.


“When he collected the cash, I asked him to acknowledge receipt of the payment in writing, which he did.”


So far, so good.


“The next day, I was advised that the motor vehicles were now in transit and would be delivered to me in three days, but this never materialised,” she said.


“After three days, I became suspicious and approached Craig, who assured me that everything was in order, and I should not panic.


“I realised that I had been duped and reported the matter to the police, leading to the accused’s arrest.”


Craig, who didn’t appear in court over the issue, has his own version of the events, claiming the woman was duped by online scammers.


“She gave me details to put Rand in exchange for United States dollars, that’s what I did, where she was paying to, in SA, I don’t know,” Craig said.


“She got duped by online scammers and is just trying to put it on me.


“I lost US$8k in her transaction because of a double payment and she gave me a fake copy for that transaction.”

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